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In Gratitude & Song, Remembering John Rae

Thanks for the kind invitation (to the celebration of life). Sadly, I will be on the road, where John would have wanted me to be: Making music and giving concerts.

John and I met at a pub concert I gave in Toronto, back in 2008 or so. He was a mensch! He followed my career and corresponded via email regularly ever after. And took in a good couple dozen shows between in-person and on-line events. We were just writing to each within the last month.

He never let the distance between Chicago and Toronto be a deterrent to friendship or community. He was keenly aware that community is what we make of it, and about our commitment to those whom we consider our community. He remained committed to our friendship, especially during the Pandemic. He began writing more frequently, with more in-depth questions. It was a goal of his to join me for a tour in Ireland. He and I discussed it at length, and I think we would have made it work.

I will miss him, and I am glad you are honing this beautiful soul.

In gratitude and Song

Joe Jencks


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