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Champions for Blind Persons' Rights Program (CBRP)

The goals of the AEBC’s Champions for Blind Persons’ Rights Program for blind, deafblind and partially sighted Canadians, are:
• Alleviation of poverty
• Facilitation of participation in education and employment
• Promotion of Independent Access (e.g. information, websites, point of sale machines, electoral system) and services (e.g. library, transportation, telecommunications, banking)

This program involves preparing and submitting briefs and legislative submissions on such topics as the Accessible Canada Act, the Canada Elections Act, the Canadian Transportation Act and Regulations, the Passenger Protection Act, the Canada Border Services Agency, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Federal/Provincial poverty reduction Strategies, E-scooters, the need for a fully Accessible Insulin pump and most recently, the Canada Disability Benefit.

The Program’s activities include but are not limited to:
• Submitting briefs and letters;
• Meeting with appropriate officials at the federal, provincial and municipal levels;
• Participating on blindness specific and cross disability national committees;
• making presentations; and
• Participating in related conferences.

As part of AEBC's mission to level the playing field, we are currently working proactively to raise the public’s awareness of issues being faced by the blind, deafblind and partially sighted community. We are working to identify existing barriers and continue to work on preventing the introduction of new barriers. In this regard, we have contacted multiple federal government departments to offer our lived experience and expertise in the development of their feedback and required activities under the Accessible Canada Act. We have also reached out to all major broadcasters and telecommunication companies to offer our lived experiences and expertise concerning the reduction of barriers and the prevention of new barriers within these sectors. In addition, we are in the process of reaching out to all of Canada's major banks concerning their obligations under the Accessible Canada Act.

To date, the activities of the Champions for Blind Persons’ Rights Program have been carried on solely by volunteers. In order to continue and increase this critical work on behalf of members of our community, the AEBC requires funding to hire a staff person to coordinate and assist with the growing amount of research, writing briefs and submissions, letters and proposals; and meetings with appropriate officials.

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