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2024 AEBC & Allyant Scholarship Application Form

After completing this online form, please email your supporting documents to
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Friday, May 17, 2024 at Noon Pacific Daylight Time

What is your vision impairment?
What is your status in Canada?

School Information:

By submitting your application, you are certifying that the information you have provided is correct and true to the best of your knowledge, that you (as the applicant) are blind, deafblind or partially sighted, and that you meet all other eligibility criteria for the AEBC and Allyant scholarship program. Additionally, if you are selected as a scholarship winner, you agree to have your name and other content related to the award featured in online properties such as AEBC and Allyant's social media communities, websites, and interview-style blog posts at the time of the award and throughout the 2024-25 academic year.


You also understand that in order to receive your award, you will:

  • Be issued a T4A slip for income tax purposes;

  • Be asked to provide your Social Insurance Number for this slip; and

  • Be required to provide proof of enrolment.

Please note: AEBC is committed to protecting the privacy, confidentiality, accuracy, and security of any personal information that we collect, use, retain, and disclose in the course of the programs we offer. Read our Privacy Policy here and if you have any questions about our policy, please contact us


Confirm that all of the following documents are attached to your submission before sending your application email:

  1. A copy of your most recent transcript (PDF accepted);

  2. Your essay (maximum length 2000 words, Word document);

  3. Your letter of reference (Word document preferred); and

  4. Your short autobiography (less than 200 words, Word document)


Email all of these documents to If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the above email address.

Thanks for submitting your application!
Check your email in the next few minutes for a confirmation email. If you don't receive anything, please check your spam folder.

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