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Temporary Receipts

When you make a donation to a charitable organization, you are often entitled to an "Official Charitiable Receipt," which is a document that you can use, at the end of the year, to deduct these donations from your income tax return.  The authoritative source for information on income tax and donations is the Canada Revenue Agency.

How would I get a temporary receipt?

If you donate to the AEBC through a door-to-door canvasser or at an AEBC function or event, you will usually receive a "temporary receipt," which indicates that you must request an official receipt from the national office.

How do I get an "official" receipt for income tax purposes?

Simply call us (1-800-561-4774) or request an official charitable receipt online!

When all of the paperwork has been returned to the national office (including the original receipt book that your temporary receipt came from), we will verify the information and mail out an official, tax-deductible receipt for income tax purposes.

Due to CRA regulations, official receipts must be requested before February 28 of the calendar year following your donation.  Requests received after that date cannot be processed and will not be eligible for an income tax receipt, or deduction from your income tax return.

Why does this have to be so complicated?

The AEBC does not authorize third parties (such as door-to-door canvassers or individual members) to issue "official" income tax receipts to donors.  All such receipts must be issued directly by our bookkeeper.

In order to be valid, official charitable receipts must contain very specific information about the charity and you, the donor.  This information must be verifiable, and receipts issued have to be sequentially numbered and logged in a central registry.

This procedure is in place for your, and our, mutual protection.  This helps to ensure that your donation deduction will not be disallowed by CRA when your return is processed.