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Membership in the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians is open to any person who is normally resident in Canada (i.e. for at least 183 days per calendar year).

Membership in AEBC entitles you to:
• Serve on committees of the organization;
• Receive announcements, newsletters, and other communications from AEBC;
• Speak, move and second motions, and vote at general membership meetings, as well as at meetings of chapters, affiliates and divisions of the organization to which you are a member; and,
• Participate in the online, members-only discussion email list.

You need not be blind, deafblind or partially sighted in order to join and support the organization, although only blind, deafblind and partially sighted members may serve on the national Board of Directors, and there are restrictions on the number of Chapter executive members who may be sighted.

A note on chapters:
When you join AEBC, you can choose to be a member of a local chapter, or if none exists in your area, you can choose no affiliation. Chapters will periodically share local information both on this website and directly to members.

Fee Structure

The annual membership and renewal fee is currently set at $10.
You may also purchase a lifetime membership or upgrade your annual membership for a one-time fee of $100.

Membership fees may be paid online via PayPal (including VISA and MasterCard transactions) or by e-transfer. Instructions for payment will be available once the form is complete.

For other payment options, please call us toll-free at 1-800-561-4774.

How to Join

To begin, you must create an account on our website. Creating an account does not automatically make you a "member" of the organization, but paying your annual (or lifetime) membership fee will.

Use the button links below to submit your information and payment.

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