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Most issues of the Canadian Blind Monitor present one major theme, with additional articles that are of a particularly timely nature. However, in this issue, we present two themes, blind and vision-impaired individuals participating in a wide range of sporting activities and the 2001 annual Conference of the NFB:AE.

Participation in sports for any individual is a vehicle for personal fulfillment, growth and achievement. It offers the same opportunities to persons who have a vision impairment. It also is another sphere of endeavor for public education on the capabilities of persons who have a vision impairment.

The 2001 Annual Conference of the NFB:AE produced its usual amount of comradery and good memories, and it established a vision for the next year's work. This year's conference saw the election of the NFB:AE's fourth President, Gordon Dingle of Sarnia, Ontario, who is committed to having the NFB:AE play a leadership role in attempting to forge a closer working relationship-maybe even a consensus-on a national agenda among consumer organizations across Canada. Our community would benefit greatly if this goal can be achieved over his two-year term of office.