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Recent Activities

We wish to provide you with a flavor of some of the recent activities of the National Federation of the Blind: Advocates for Equality. For those of you who receive this magazine and who are not members, we strongly encourage you to join, add your voices and expertise and plug into this work. Gordon Dingle's Presidential Report at the 2002 Annual General Meeting will provide more details on our year's work, but here are a few areas.

        - Spearheaded the development of a community coalition to try to save the BC Audio Books program which was disbanded by the BC provincial government 

        - Continued participation on the Transport Canada/CNIB Accessible Signals Project which is expected to issue a Draft Standard for consultation later this year

        - Submitted briefs to the CRTC concerning the Weather Network, Digital interactive services and supporting DVS on CKVU in Vancouver 

        - Submitted a brief concerning proposed amendments to the Alberta Blind Persons Rights Act

        - Participated in a consultation on accessible dispensing machines and information kiosks which is expected to lead to the development of a standard

        - Participated in the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) regular meeting: Had input into the development of a mediation process for travelers with disabilities who file complaints after encountering problems related to  disability  

        - On-going involvement in the Via Rail issue

        - Input into the draft code of practice re communication barriers for travelers with disabilities

        - Participated in Council of Canadians With Disabilities (CCD) consultation focusing on appropriate disability-related research and ways for government to consult with the community

        - Lobbied ACAT for a national service entitlement card to assist blind travelers

        - Involved in discussions around the development of an accessible web portal on transportation for persons with disabilities

        - Involved in an on-going dialogue with CNIB over appropriate representation of consumers on the World Blind Union

        - Attended the launch of the new $5 Canadian bill, correspondence with the Bank of Canada re bank note reader, especially for blind persons not registered with CNIB. Liaison with many groups representing blind, deaf blind and partially sighted Canadians, soliciting articles by them for an upcoming issue of the CBM, and also the beginnings of a dialogue or national strategy on key issues 

        - Presented a brief at the workshop in Ottawa on resources for the federal government and the Council on Access to Information for print disabled Canadians

        - Participated in consultations on the federal government's Manager's Guide to producing documents in alternative formats

        - Developed guidelines for the NFB:AE's e-mail discussion list
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