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Front Cover Description:

Like previous versions of the CBM, there is a collage of photos of contributors and other persons and things mentioned in this volume. The background colour is a deep reddish maroon, to match colours in several of the photos.

Top left: There is a picture of three blind and partially sighted actors acting in a 2002 play, "Cooking with Gus." The Glenvale Players is a Canadian troupe of blind and partially sighted actors featured in this volume of the CBM.

Middle: There is an untitled acrylic and pencil art piece by Canadian artist Margaux Allard, who is featured in this issue. It is a vertical three panel framed piece with what appears to be a dream catcher, with black tipped feathers in the top left corner. In the top frame is a pencil sketching of a dream catcher with feathers. Dream catchers are woven to look like webs, and often contain feathers, beads and so forth. Based on Lakota (and likely other First Nations) traditions, dream catchers are hung above one\'s bed to sift through dreams. "Good" dreams are caught in the web, but evil escapes through the hole in the centre. The middle frame is a circle with four divisions, most likely representing North, South, East or West, which are linked with people\'s being (i.e. North represents emotion, East is considered the \'mental door\', South represents the physical, and West, spirituality. The very bottom frame of this piece is a pencil sketching of nature.

Top right: Posed photo of singer/songwriter Brooke Fox, whose article "The Art of Albinism" appears in this article.

Bottom left: Photo of Toronto DisAbility activist Uzma Khan. See Khan\'s article in this volume.

Bottom second from left: Catherine Frazee, former Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Frazee\'s article "Alive: An Exhibition of Artistic Work and Performance by Persons with Disabilities" appears in this issue.

Bottom, third from left: Original size plaster replica of the "Venus de Milo" from the Tactual Museum in Athens. See John Rae\'s article.

Bottom, right: Bear Two Feathers (left), Canadian artist Margaux Allard (centre) and Allard\'s sister, Michelle, in traditional aboriginal dress at the Kootenay Band Reservation annual Blossom Festival. See article in this volume.