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CBM v. 20 - Home and Community

  1. Front Cover:
  2. New Name, New Logo, and New Image
  3. Fighting For Dignity of The Blind - Brad Holden
  4. Editorial: Home Is More Than The Place Where We Live - John Rae
  5. Not One New Penny For Housing - Carol Goar
  6. Nurturing Affordability Real Estate Agents, Developers, Cmhc Put on Seminars For Poor, Disadvantaged - By: Paul Thiele Medallion Housing Society
  7. Home Supports: Hearing From Consumers - April D\'Aubin
  8. Pilot Project Uses Video, Voice to Deliver Home Care - Helen Henderson
  9. Agent of Change: An Interview With a Blind Real Estate Broker - Rajesh Malik
  10. Seniority: The Growing Market For Bigger Buttons - Fred Brock
  11. Furnace, Speak to Us! - Chris and Marie Stark
  12. Accessibility of Consumer Electronic Equipment - Jim McCarthy
  13. Wish-List For Digital Television
  14. Entertainment Delivered to The Comfort of Home - Pamela MuÃ
  15. Mixed Welcome For First Accessible Dvd
  16. Video Games in The Dark - Mike Hambly
  17. Shopping: Another Indirect Benefit of The Accessible Internet - Marcia Cummings
  18. Not So Public Transportation-More Than Disabled Need a Handy-Bus
  19. Operators of Accessible Transportation in Rural Areas "starving of Cash" - Brian Adeba
  20. Ontario\'s Accessibility Advisory Committees: Inclusion Or Illusion?
  21. Md Considers Special Needs - Susan Kim
  22. Blind Firefighter Saves Lives - Mary Nelson
  23. Marshalling The Art of Self-Defense For All - Theresa Andrews
  24. Home Safety Tips For Persons Who Are Blind Or Partially Sighted - Sara Bennett
  25. Lufkin Residents Teach Visually Impaired How to Be Handy Around The House - Stacy Faison
  26. Adaptive Gardening Techniques For The Visually Impaired - S. Foster, C. Duvall and J. Powell
  27. Mowing The Lawn - Thomas Bickford
  28. Blind Couple Living in a Sighted World - Wasif Bhatti and Sue Neveu-Bhatti
  29. Let Your Child Play With The Pots and Pans! - Jacki Harth
  30. The Right Way to Play - Debbie Siegel, Hadley Instructor
  31. Staying in Style - Dana Nichols
  32. Student\'s Scanning Device For Blind
  33. Whatever Works!
  34. Supermarket Websites Fail Basic Checks
  35. Grocer Removes Barriers Kroger Redefines Shopping Experience With Its Blind Customers in Mind - Randy Tucker
  36. What to Do When You Can\'t See What You Plant - Kim Kierans
  37. Braille New World For Spanish Shoppers - Anthony Fletcher
  38. "cooking Without Looking" Helps Blind Cooks - Jan Norris, Food Editor
  39. Nana Cannot See Very Well - Beryl Williams
  40. Creating a Comfortable Environment For Older Individuals Who Are Visually Impaired
  41. Accessibility and Appeal: Interior Design Complements - Sara Bennett
  42. Terror Wave: Tsunami and Disability - Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo (
  43. Gp\'s "failing Partially Sighted"
  44. "safer Streets" For The Blind Urged - Mohammed Al A\'Ali
  45. Highlights of Recent AEBC Activities
  46. 2004 Scholarship Winners
  47. Welcome to The Aebc\'s Year 2005 Scholarship Programme!
  48. New Resources
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