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Entertainment Delivered to The Comfort of Home

Editor's Note: Pamela Munoz is Communications Officer for VoicePrint Canada.

VoicePrint Canada is a not-for-profit charity established in 1989 to enhance access to printed news, information and entertainment by more than 3.2 million vision- and print-restricted Canadians.

We read newspapers and magazines for people who cannot read for themselves 24hours/day and 7days/week. We also provide special programming to discuss issues that impact blind and low-vision communities.

VoicePrint Canada is a service that is currently being provided to you in the comfort of your own home with your current cable, satellite or internet provider!

Our programming is divided into half-hour shows that focus on various topics, from Science & Technology to Arts & Entertainment. We read from more than 100 different publications from coast to coast to coast.

VoicePrint Canada can be accessed on the Secondary Audio Program (S.A.P.) of CBC Newsworld; Star Choice, ExpressVu and Look TV audio channels; and on the web at at no additional cost.

VoicePrint Canada recently launched the SAP-TV Audio Receiver, whereby someone with a vision impairment can independently access the S.A.P. at the touch of a button. This receiver was in response to the feedback we received about the difficulty of accessing the S.A.P. independently.

With this receiver, not only can VoicePrint Canada be heard instantly, so can some of our AudioVision Canada described programming on various channels across the country. This is an exciting solution for everyone to gain easier access to the S.A.P. and its benefits.

Our second division is AudioVision Canada, which is Canada\'s pre-eminent audio description service.

We add narration to the soundtrack of cinematographic works so on-screen action sequences are independently accessible by viewers who are blind or have low vision. This narration does not interfere with the original soundtrack and this allows blind and low-vision audiences to enjoy the film or show with persons who are sighted.

AudioVision Canada\'s products are currently available at your local library and if they aren\'t, we encourage you to ask your library to serve your needs. Catalogues are available at 1-866-966-7667.

We recently started our Local Broadcast Centre initiative, which will open 100 sites across the country. Community news, grocery specials and local events from Victoria to St. John\'s will be made available in an audio format on the internet and available for anyone to access.

For more information about VoicePrint Canada, the SAP-TV Audio Receiver, programming or how to become a member, please call 1-800-567-6755 or visit:

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