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First Resource Centre in Latin America For People Who Are Deaf and Blind

Editor's Note: This article is reprinted from Disability World, Issue No. 15, September-October 2002.

On September 6 of this year, Sense International (Latin America) inaugurated the first Resource Center for Deaf and Blind Persons for Latin America. The event was held at the theatre of Rosario University of Bogot, Colombia, as part of the celebrations of a Speech and Audiology Day, organized by the School of Health Sciences.

The new Center, the first institution of its kind in Latin America, opened by offering a Web Page dealing with deaf-blindness; definitions; classifications; causes; syndromes; genetics; virtual library; education for parents, teachers and professionals, and information about programs and organizations operating in Latin America; the deaf-blind community; life stories; and online resources such as photographs, database, text documentation and videos.

The Center wants to provide a major contribution to the information needs existing in Latin America. It also works at creating networking options for many groups of users, including internet services.

The Resources Center is willing to serve:

  • Deaf-blind persons in Latin America.

  • Professionals working with the deaf-blind population.

  • Organizations working with deaf-blind persons.

  • Students and teachers.

  • Families of persons who are deaf and blind.

  • The Latin American community.

  • Public and private organizations (including non-governmental organizations).

  • Civil society.

Sense International (Latin America) is planning the following services for this ongoing program:

  • Resource Center in Portuguese.

  • A Guides and Interpreters Network.

  • Participation at the Parents and Families World Network.

  • Creation of Job Opportunities Links for Persons who are Deaf and Blind.

  • Chat.

  • Online library in each country.

More information at:

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