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New Resources

Human Rights Report: The Center for International Rehabilitation (CIR) presented to the United Nations August 24, 2004, the inaugural report of the International Disability Rights Monitor (IDRM), documenting the situation of people with disabilities in 24 countries of South and North America. For further details, visit:

Blindness Statistics: The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a report showing that the incidence of blindness and vision impairment worldwide has decreased. To read the Sydney Morning Herald's article detailing the report's findings, visit:

Women's Blindness: Two thirds of all people who are blind or partially sighted are women, according to the Women's Eye Health Task Force. Risk factors for vision loss and details about specific eye conditions are detailed at the Lion's Eye Health Program website:

Career Guide: An online resource from Mobility International USA/National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange, titled "Preparing for an International Career: Pathways for People with Disabilities", encourages young adults with international interests to explore careers in the international affairs, exchange and development fields. "Preparing for an International Career" is available in alternative formats on request. For further details, visit:

Blind Interpreters: An email discussion group for foreign language interpreters has been created by Liz Conejo Daniels, a Spanish-English interpreter who is blind. The listserv provides support and resources for interpreters. To join the discussion list, send an email message to: For more information, contact Daniels at:

New Languages: A leading text-to-speech software tool for consumers, educators, and business customers, TextAloud converts text into spoken audio for listening on a personal computer, and can also save to MP3/Windows Media files for easy playback on portables like the iPod, or use in the creation of Podcasts. This newest version of TextAloud offers Unicode support providing access to Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and other languages previously unavailable. For more information or to purchase the program, visit:

JAWS Headquarters: JAWS information found on the Freedom Scientific Website has been brought together and is now accessible from one convenient location:

Technology List: "Top Tech Tidbits on Thursday" (TTTT) is a free, concise weekly summary of what's new in adaptive technology, technology as it relates to the blind, and internet audio. To join TTTT, send a blank message to and then reply to the confirmatory message. Or visit:

Deaf-blind Forum: A discussion list on issues relating to accessible technology for deaf-blind people has been launched by Western Oregon University in the United States. To subscribe, email: DBTECHIES-subscribe-request@TR.WOU.EDU

Adult Literacy Program: The American Foundation for the Blind's (AFB) National Literacy Center has launched an online version of their long-standing program that integrates vision impairment and adult literacy issues for educators. Originally developed as a three-day group workshop, "Bridging the Gap" is now available to individuals, free of charge, at:

Puzzle List: An email list for those interested in swapping information about accessible word and logic puzzles has been launched. To subscribe, send a blank email to: For more information, contact Katherine Schneider at:

New Radio Internet Broadcaster: Operated by a blind business owner, Shellworld Radio provides music and original content serving the blind community. Broadband Stream: Modem Stream:

Travel Guides: Accessible electronic versions of printed travel guides are provided online by Traveleyes, a holiday company for both vision-impaired and sighted travellers. Users can download accessible Microsoft Word versions that do not include maps or diagrams. Guides are available for several countries. Visit:

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