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CBM v. 26 - Blindness: Myths and Misconceptions

  1. Editorial: Misconceptions Hurt People's Lives! - By: John Rae
  2. A New Way of Thinking - Kathie Snow, © 2008
  3. Yellow Truck Hits The Road Against Discrimination The Anti-Discrimination Tour Will Take in 21 Countries
  4. Event Highlights Needs of The Blind - Leo Leonidou
  5. Get Proud By Practicing - Kathi Wolfe
  6. Each Bus Stop Must Be Announced
  7. Paramedic Wins Human Rights Case
  8. Cab Driver Ill Informed For Banning Guide Dog - Elham Asaad Buaras
  9. Differences Between Discrimination and Hatred - Chris Hofstader
  10. 20 False Assumptions of Employers - Jim Hasse
  11. What Leads to Success in Getting a Job? The CNIB Employment Success Facilitators Study - Alexander Shaw, PhD, and Deborah Gold, PhD
  12. Maps, Menus, and More Myths About Guide Dogs - Devon Wilkins
  13. I'm Partially Sighted, and I Use a White Cane - Peggy Chong
  14. Am I Blind? - John G. Pare, Jr.
  15. Programs Empower Visually Impaired to Live Independently - Anja Karadeglija
  16. There Are No Barriers to a Three-Year-Old's Curiosity Born Blind, Ethan Warren Grows, Changes and Engages The World - Luisa D'Amato
  17. Equality of Educational Opportunity: a Student User's Guide - Julie Sanfacon
  18. Changing The Public's Attitudes: Signs of Inevitable Success - Sheri Wells-Jensen
  19. Boomers Aging With Vision Loss: Public Attitudes Are Key - John Rae
  20. Courtesy Guidelines: What Should You Do When You Meet a Person Who Is Deaf and Blind? - Rita Kersh
  21. Hiv/aids, Cmv Retinitis and Vision Loss - Yves Brunet
  22. Student Is Dispelling Myths About Albinism - Jodi Spiegel Arthur
  23. Keep Eyes Peeled For Specs Discrimination - Vinay Menon
  24. Alpine Holiday - Joyce Main and Raquel
  25. Blind Aids Set For Public Housing Estates
  26. Travelling to China - Alan Conway
  27. St.Lucia Gets Help From Cuba With State-of-The-Art Regional Eye Care Facility
  28. President's Report: Perspective and Possibilities - John Rae
  29. A First-Timer's First Impressions of The 2007 AEBC Conference - Jennifer Jesso
  30. 2007-08 AEBC Board of Directors
  31. Highlights of Recent AEBC Activities