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Listening to The Oracle

Editor's Note: Gerry Nelson is a Social Service Worker with CNIB, and volunteers with a variety of service, health- and disability-related charities.

I have been a type 1 diabetic since childhood, almost 40 years ago, and lost my eyesight totally from diabetic retinopathy when I was 25. About two months ago, I was introduced to a wonderful new piece of technology from E Z Health called the Oracle, a talking blood glucometer.

Up until now, glucose monitoring technology was outdated, cumbersome to use, and also very expensive, so when my local pharmacist called to inform me of this new piece of equipment, I was extremely excited. For years, my diabetes had suffered as a result of poor and outdated technology. And the best news I could have heard was my pharmacist telling me the Oracle was now available, and free when I purchased a box of test strips.

The Oracle is small and compact, goes anywhere, and is so simple to use! For any diabetic, blind or sighted, the most important part of good diabetes management is well-controlled blood sugar and testing often. With my new Oracle, I can test as often as I want, or as is required. The Oracle's clear, definitive voice walks me through each step, and gives me my results in only five seconds. It is a must for any diabetic with limited vision!

For more information about the Oracle, contact Tremblay Harrison Inc., by calling toll-free 1-866-829-7926, emailing, or visiting their website at

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