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A Chip Off The Old Block

Editor's Note: We recently received the following message. A number of our readers may wish to share information with Doug. I hope you will also take the time to share what you know about wood working with the CBM. We would be happy to publish more on this subject.

Ido woodworking. I have built an addition onto my house, built a fence, and produced some cabinets. I make much use of straight edges to guide either my hand or portable power saw. C-clamps are great tools for holding the straight edge in place. I also find the click-o-matic ruler excellent for taking precise measurements. I have an audible level. I use a piece of string and a fishing weight as well. If I want to ensure that a wall frame is exactly vertical, I drive a nail into a stud about 1/4 inch from the edge both at the top and bottom. I then suspend the weighted string from the top nail and it should cross that placed near the bottom. (Just a note of warning, don't try to count the teeth on the blade of a moving saw!)

I recently contacted an organization called the Tetra Society of North America . They are based in Vancouver and it is their mandate to help people with disabilities (not only visual disabilities) to adapt or invent products for their use. They have a number of inventors who dedicate incredable amounts of time to come up with solutions to problems for people with disabilities have.

Is there anyone reading this magazine who is functionally totally blind and who does wood working? I'd like to hear from you.

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