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Nfb Philosophy Session Held in Victoria

The NFB:AE Vancouver Island Chapter held its first Philosophy Session on Saturday, September 12, 1998. Distinguished guests included President Richard Marion and Founder and Past-President Dr. Paul Gabias. Sandi Dewdney graciously offered her yard for the occasion and treated the twenty-four attendees to a delicious barbecue lunch.

Featured on tape were four of the finest NFB speeches given by Dr. Kenneth Jernigan and Dr. Jacobus tenBroek:

Blindness: A Left-Handed Dissertation; Blindness: Concepts and Misconceptions; Blindness: Handicap or Characteristic?; Within the Grace of God. Fruitful discussions were held after each speech.

The session focused on some of the fundamental beliefs of the NFB, which were articulated as follows:

We are not an organization speaking on behalf of the blind we are people, who are blind, speaking for ourselves.

We believe that with training and opportunity, blindness can be reduced to the level of a nuisance.

We believe that it is respectable to be blind.

We believe that people who are blind can compete on terms of equality with our sighted peers.

We believe that the real problem with blindness is not the lack of eyesight; the real problem is the lack of positive information about blindness and the achievements of people who are blind.

This was a successful session--the first of its kind in Canada. If you are interested in receiving copies of the tapes, please contact the national office at 1-800-561-4774.

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