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Chapter President: Minette Samaroo


The Toronto Chapter is a busy and active group with events and conferences happening throughout the year that include disability inclusion workshops for businesses and employers, trivia nights, advocacy opportunities, and an annual conference. Read more below and in our past blog posts, also below. Be sure to check our Events Calendar for Toronto Chapter events and don't forget to join as a Member to get involved!

In 2023, the Toronto Chapter received a $75,000 grant from United Way of Greater Toronto (the “UWC” through the CSO Project) which is funded by the Government of Canada under the Community Services Recovery Fund, to lead a project on Returning to Normal Life After COVID-19. Through this project, the Toronto Chapter conducted virtual consultations with organizations serving people with disabilities, marginalized communities, and people with disabilities. The goal of the consultations was to hear from people with disabilities on their challenges relating to job loss, interview processes or experiences of isolation due to accommodation in the workplace. They also heard from people with disabilities who experienced challenges and successes in employment during and post pandemic. After gathering this information, the project is now providing workshops on employment and business disability inclusion. 

Each December, in partnership with national and partner organizations, the Toronto Chapter hosts an International Day for Persons with Disabilities Conference. Last year's theme was “Moving Forward: Living in This New World.” The event always includes speakers and professionals in the disability community. Each year the conference seems to get bigger and better, so we can only expect that for the coming year. Watch a video replay of last year's event below. 

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