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Focus Group Opportunity--Moving Forward After COVID-19 United Way Virtual Project Consultation

A French version follows this English preamble. The Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians with a grant from United Way of Greater Toronto (the “UWC” through the CSO Project] which is funded by the Government of Canada under the Community Services Recovery Fund, is conducting a project on Returning to Normal Life After COVID-19. The trustee for the funds is The Neighbourhood Group Community Services. L’Alliance pour l’égalité des personnes aveugles au Canada, grâce à une subvention de Centraide du Grand Toronto (le « CUAT » dans le cadre du projet des OSC], financée par le gouvernement du Canada dans le cadre du Fonds de relance des services communautaires, mène un projet sur le retour à une vie normale après la COVID-19. Le fiduciaire des fonds est The Neighbourhood Group Community Services. The Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians, Toronto Chapter is conducting virtual consultations with organizations serving people with disabilities and marginalized communities and with people with disabilities.

We are interested in hearing from you if people with disabilities in your organization had challenges with job loss, interview processes or experience isolation due to accommodation in the workplace. We also want to hear from people with disabilities who have found challenges and successes in employment during and post pandemic. This is your opportunity to share your experiences and have your voice heard in the disability community.

Topics to Explore Employment · How did the pandemic make employment possible or not possible for people with disabilities? · What accommodations and employment opportunities became possible that were not possible before the pandemic? · How does this change the socioeconomic status for people with disabilities? · How does this impact businesses' bottom line? · How can this be sustained among others? Communication and Information · How did you access information in your community, or lacked social connections or resources required to stay connected during the pandemic. · What you would like to see happen or in place for the disability community that would better support your needs in this post-pandemic period.

The findings will contribute to the development of a toolkit for employers to better serve the disability community which will be released in Spring 2024.

Funded by the Government of Canada’s Community Services Recovery Fund

Date and time of Consultation Sessions on Zoom: Tuesday September 26th 1-3pm Thursday September 28th 7-9pm

Application Instructions Pre-screening questionnaire All participants will be pre-screened for their suitability to participate in the consultation. If you or someone from your organization is interested in joining us, please complete the online questionnaire at the link below by September 11th. Link to Google Form Another option is you can complete the Word version questionnaire in the link below and send to

Pre consultation Questionnaire - Moving Forward after COVID-19
Download DOCX • 61KB

Honorarium for Participants There will be a $40.00 honorarium provided to our consultation participants.

Access Needs and Accommodations If you require accommodation to participate in a consultation, please note them in the pre-screening questionnaire or send an email to

Confidentiality The responses provided in the questionnaire are strictly for demographic reporting. All information will be kept strictly confidential, and no names will be attached to any of our reports.

About National Funders ● The Community Services Recovery Fund is being delivered through three National Funders - Canadian Red Cross, Community Foundations of Canada, and United Way Centraide Canada. If you have any questions or require additional information, please call Minette Samaroo at 437-999-3839.


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