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Blessings Discovered at Christmas

I’m taking a risk here and sharing something quite personal, but I do it in the hope that it might help others during what some may find a challenging time. As a person without sight, I struggle with certain aspects of the holiday season. As my sight deteriorated and I was able to see les and less each year, I mourned not being able to see the festive lights and decorations that delight those who can. For us who are blind, these do not necessarily help cheer up the dark days and long nights. But I’m not writing this to bring anyone down, but rather to tell you how I have dealt with my reality in the hope that it might helps yours.

Pre-COVID, I belonged to a singing group, the VIP Singers, and a few years ago I found myself feeling rather low as we started to practice our Christmas numbers. Travelling on the bus to choir practice one day in October, I decided that this would not do. It was still two months until Christmas and that was too long to be feeling the blues. So, I wrote this verse for Away in a Manger and we have incorporated it into our performances ever since. Every time I am reminded about what I’m missing, I sing it to myself and my spirits are lifted. I hope yours are also.

I thank you Lord Jesus

For blessings you send

The laughter of children

The touch of a friend

The fragrance of pine boughs

A warm spicy brew

The songs of the season

That tell us of you.

Wishing you blessings this holiday season.

IMAGE ALT TEXT: close up photo of a sparkly gold christmas tree ball decoration.


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