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Celebrating Insights and Gratitude: AEBC Member Survey Reveals Valuable Feedback

by Lee Pigeau

I’m thrilled to share the results of our recent membership survey. Your participation, with 63 responses, has provided us with invaluable insights that will shape the future of our organization.

The overwhelming sentiment from the survey is a deep appreciation for the work AEBC is doing. A noteworthy 72% of respondents expressed that they were satisfied (48%) or very satisfied (24%) with the work AEBC is doing. This positive affirmation motivates us to continue our efforts while recognizing the room for improvement that your valuable feedback has highlighted. This positive feedback motivates us to continue advocating for the issues that matter most to our community.

Opportunities for Improvement: Your responses highlight opportunities for us to better serve you. We acknowledge the importance of being more informed and planned in our approach. This will enable us to attract new members, engage existing ones, and focus our efforts where they are needed most. Specifically, a more planned approach to communications on a regular but not daily basis is something we are working on. Look for some big changes in the new year. The survey results provide valuable guidance for enhancing our communication strategies. An email-based newsletter focusing on news and events is a popular choice, with 90% of respondents expressing interest. Additionally, a concentration on platforms like Facebook and YouTube, along with potential podcasting, will help us connect with you more effectively.

Demographic Insights: The survey sheds light on the demographic composition of AEBC members, particularly the fact that 52% are over the age of 65. This demographic alignment with many service clubs and organizations allows us to draw inspiration from best practices, research, and ideas tailored to the unique needs of our members.

Advocacy Beyond Vision Loss: AEBC is not just an advocacy organization; it's a vital social network. Your responses affirm that word of mouth, referrals, and peer-to-peer learning are crucial components of our work. We are committed to ensuring that the unique voice of AEBC members continues to be heard on everyday issues such as housing, income, technology, job security, and more.

Membership Involvement: We were heartened to learn that almost every respondent got involved with AEBC through word of mouth or referrals. This underscores the importance of our role as a gathering place, providing a collegial atmosphere for individuals with a common denominator—vision loss.

Feedback on Board Composition: The feedback on the composition of the AEBC board is crucial. The majority expressed openness to allowing sighted individuals on the board, with conditions such as ensuring the majority of directors and the president are blind, partially sighted, or deafblind. This thoughtful input will guide our decision-making processes.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each participant for taking the time to share your thoughts. Your input is instrumental in shaping the future of AEBC, and we are committed to implementing positive changes based on your feedback.

Together, let's continue to build a more inclusive and supportive community.


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