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Emergency Preparedness Workshops

Note that this program has been completed, however you can view the final outcome of the project with downloadable resources and online resources on our BC PREP Page here.

Register Now for AEBC’s Personal Response to Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Workshops for the Blind, Deafblind, and Partially Sighted Residents of British Columbia

AEBC’s BC Affiliate is pleased to announce that online registration is now open for Emergency Preparedness Workshops for the Blind, Deafblind, and Partially Sighted Residents of British Columbia. This exciting project was made possible by funding from Disability Alliance BC.

The online workshop is presented in two parts and will be accessed using Zoom. Workshop One will be held in October and Workshop Two in November. There is an evening option and daytime option available for both Workshop One and Two. (Note that both daytime and evening workshops offer the same information and topics.)

Workshop One Guest Speakers:

  • Alison Bird, Seismologist; Liaison & Outreach Officer for Natural Resources Canada

  • Vicki Swan, the Public Education and Online Communications Officer for the Ministry of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness

Topics covered during this workshop include but not limited to:

  • How to prepare and respond during and after an earthquake

  • Earthquake Early Warning system (EEW) launching in 2024

  • General household readiness and safety tips

  • Wildfires, what to expect and how to prepare for an evacuation

  • Create your own Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan

**35 participants from the October workshops will have the opportunity to receive a $100-value emergency supplies kit. Criteria for eligibility will be provided during the October workshops.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers during the presentation as well as during a question-and-answer period at the end of each workshop.

October Workshop – Evening: Tuesday October 24, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Registration link below: EVENT ENDED

October Workshop - Daytime: Thursday October 26, 1pm – 3pm

Registration link below: EVENT ENDED

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with a link for how to join the meeting.

November Workshop:

During the second workshop we will go over the contents of the kit and discuss other emergency supplies you will need to build your home emergency kit.

Daytime option: Tuesday November 21, 10am – 12pm

Registration link here: EVENT ENDED

Evening option: Tuesday November 28, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Registration link here: EVENT ENDED

Workshop Two Guest Speakers:

  • Katia Tynan, Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction Strategist from the City of Vancouver

  • Leila Darwish, Emergency Management, Disaster Resilience, & Community Engagement Professional from the City of Vancouver

Some topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • What should be in your emergency supplies kit and your grab-and-go bag

  • How to prepare for heat domes and winter storms

  • The provincially funded BC Hydro portable air conditioner program

* A portion of Workshop 2 will help familiarize participants with the contents of the emergency kits that some receive prior to attending the second session. **There will be a prize draw at the end of each of the November sessions. The winner will receive a talking infrared body temperature thermometer valued at about 70 dollars.

If you need any assistance with registering for the workshops, please call the AEBC BC Affiliate President, Chantal Oakes, 1.250.863.6341

IMAGE ALT TEXT: Photo of Laura Mackenrot standing in front of a table demonstrating emergency kit contents.


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