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Multi-Use Pathways

The Consumer Access Group (CAG) of which AEBC is a member, has published another position statement; this time on Multi-Use Pathways. It can be found at


If multi-use pathways are being proposed in your community, consider sharing this document with your municipality and speaking to their engineering department about the recommendations. This may help prevent barriers to independent and safe mobility for persons who are blind, deafblind or partially sighted. Most municipalities are not aware how infrastructure can severely limit those in our community.


Other CAG position statements are: Accessibility Roundabouts, Accessible Pedestrian Signals, Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI), E-Scooters, Plexiglass Shields used at Retail Establishments, Quiet Vehicles, Accessible Prescription Medication Information, Accessible Payment Terminals and Accessible Elections. These can be found at:


For further information contact Linda Bartram, AEBC CAG Rep, at

Or Hilton Schwartz, AEBC CAG alternate rep at

IMAGE ALT TEXT: Image of 2 people riding bikes on a multi-use pathway.


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