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Techy Tip from a Techy Dinosaur

I came to screen reader technology later in life and profess to have average technology skills, but yesterday I was amazed to learn that I knew something that both a techy wiz peer and a Microsoft technician did not!! So I’m sharing this tip upon the urging of that techy wiz.

Have you ever clicked on a link that your screen reader announces, only to find that nothing happened? I learned several years ago (heaven knows from who) that just because my JAWS said it was a link, the curser was not always in the correct place to activate the link.

So here’s the trick:

Right arrow once until your screen reader announces the first letter in the web address or title associated with the link, then press enter. It's as simple as that!!

Sometimes us techy dinosaurs know more than we think!

Send your simple tech tips to:

There’s probably someone out there who will learn a thing or two.


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