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Canadian Blind Monitor, volume 7

  1. Editorial: Elements of Success - Wanda C. Fitzgerald
  2. President's Message - Robert J. Fenton
  3. 2000 Nfb: Ae Convention
  4. The Canadian Reality: The Challenge to Organizations of The Blind - Neil Graham
  5. The Person Within - Paul Thiele
  6. Relocation of The National Office - Alan Neville
  7. 1999 Nfb: Ae Scholarship Awards
  8. 1999-2000 Nfb: Ae Scholarship Program
  9. We've Fallen and We Did Get Up - Judy German and David Senf
  10. Someone Sure Hit The Nail on The Head
  11. Meet The Chapter and Division Presidents
  12. Kelowna Activities - Denise Sanders
  13. Nfb: Ae Lower Mainland Chapter Goes International - Richard Marion
  14. The Cross-Disability Factor: What's It Got to Do With Us - Mel Graham
  15. Reflections of The 1999 National Federation of The Blind Convention in Atlanta
  16. A Sick Boy's Dog Avoids British Quarantine
  17. Priest Is Fined For Barring Guide Dog: Blind Woman Wins Case-Church Studies Appeal - Josh Brown, Toronto Star Staff Reporter
  18. Media Access:more Than Just a Slogan - Cindy McGlynn
  19. The Bank of Montreal Connects The Dots For 2000 - Kaye Leslie
  20. A Special Thank You - Anne-Marie, Randy and Amanda Seitz
  21. The Tool Box - Wanda C. Fitzgerald
  22. Braille Information on Over The Counter Drug Labels - Anita Makarchuk
  23. Labelling Prescriptions For The Visually Challenged - Elizabeth Coates
  24. Canadian Solves Diabetes Mystery-Calgary Scientist's Discovery Raises New Hope For Child Sufferers - Alanna Mitchell, Alberta Bureau
  25. Melatonin Used to Restore Sleep Patterns in Blind People - Erica Goode
  26. The Blind Learn About The Sound of Politics
  27. The Price of Some Ballots
  28. Ontario Election Activities
  29. Braille Essay Contest
  30. Blind People Left in The Dark By Y2K Readiness Commission
  31. Non Drivers Id
  32. Special Education Reform in British Columbia
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