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New Resources

-The UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Report on Disability and Technology summarizes recommendations from experts on how the organization could assist its Member States in facilitating social inclusion of persons with disabilities through information and communication technologies (ICT). Read the Report at:

-The International Labour Organization's (ILO) "Decent Work for People with Disabilities: Count us in!" video is now accessible for persons with vision impairments. For the audio described version, visit:

-The National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) announces the completion of the comprehensive guidebook, Success in STEM: Studying and Pursuing a Science or Technology Career as a Post-Secondary Student With a Disability, available in print and CD versions. Call toll-free 1-877-670-1256 or email A web version, in a variety of formats, is also available on the NEADS website:

-"Your Treasure Hunt: Disabilities and Finding Your Gold" discusses various challenges and obstacles that children with disabilities face throughout their lives, and offers constructive ways to deal with frustrating situations and also techniques for building positive self-image. The hard-cover book includes a resource section of helpful websites and other publications for parents and caregivers. Search for ISBN 1-59298-320-9 on It is also available through

-The Press Release Handbook for ACB Affiliates and Chapters covers all of the basics in writing and distributing effective press releases. Available in large print, braille, on IBM-compatible CD, as well as via download from the American Council of the Blind's web page, this publication is free of charge. Contact the ACB national office at 1-800-424-8666, email, or visit:

-The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has released "A Giant Leap and A Big Deal: Delivering on the Promise of Equal Access to Broadband for People with Disabilities," the second in a series of working papers being released in conjunction with the National Broadband Plan. Read the paper at and a related blog post can be found at:

-The Friends Community List is a new social network designed for persons who are blind and partially sighted, and is somewhat like Facebook. Sighted people can also join. Visit:

-National Braille Press has several new publications: Social Networking and You: Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin for Blind Users (ASCII Text, braille, DAISY or e-braille, $12.00); Windows 7 and Vista Explained: A Guide for Blind and Partially Sighted Users (audio CD, braille, DAISY CD, e-braille or large print, $45.00); Internet Your Way to a New Job (braille or e-braille, $11.95); and Sites Unseen: Traveling the World without Sight (braille, DAISY, e-braille or print PDF, $19.95). For more information (all prices are in U.S. dollars), contact NBP at 1-800-548-7323 or visit:

-For information on getting a Perkins Brailler serviced or repaired, send an email to:

-Horizons for the Blind has launched, a new internet-based service that makes consumer packaging information available in an accessible online format for people who are blind, partially sighted or otherwise have difficulty reading small print. Over 300,000 food, health, beauty and general merchandise products are included, listing preparation directions, nutrition facts, ingredients, allergy/drug interaction warnings etc.

-"Beginning Yoga for the Blind and Visually Impaired" is a 5-CD package, for $39.95 plus $3.95 (U.S.) shipping. For further details, visit:

Coalition Condemns CRTC Decision on Shaw/Global

A coalition of Canada's accessibility organizations has condemned the CRTC's (Canada Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) decision to approve Shaw's acquisition of the former Canwest television and specialty TV services.

"The CRTC's dismissal of recommendations that would have increased and improved accessible television content across Canada for all Canadians with visual or hearing disabilities, means that this country has lost a rare opportunity to make real and permanent progress towards a 100% accessible broadcast day," said Beverley Milligan, Acting President and CEO of Media Access Canada (MAC).

The organizations say the CRTC ignored detailed proposals they made to increase the level and quality of all types of accessibility throughout the Canadian broadcasting system.

The coalition of accessibility groups argued that the CRTC should adopt their recommendations to ensure that Canadian television programming becomes fully accessible within a reasonable time frame--not the 26 years they say it took to achieve a fully captioned broadcast day.

The groups opposed Shaw's proposal to allocate $3 million (1.7% of its tangible benefits package) to descriptive video because, they say, with an average hourly cost of $2000 for descriptive video, Shaw's annual expenditure could yield just less than five hours of described programming per week.

Currently, the CRTC requires a total of four hours of described video each week (of which only two hours need be original content).

"The CRTC should have empowered the accessibility community to reduce the hourly costs of fully-accessible TV programming so that more broadcasters would carry more described video content every week," said John Rae of the (Alliance) for Equality of Blind Canadians. "Suppose that in seven years, Canadians with visual disabilities receive 10 hours per week of described video. That still leaves 116 hours a week that are inaccessible: why do these Canadians have to pay as much as everyone else, when they can only benefit from 9% of the programs they pay for?"

The coalition led by MAC appeared before the CRTC in Calgary and recommended the CRTC adopt ten proposals to increase the quantity and quality of accessible programming content, through funding from an endowment worth 0.5% of Shaw's $2 billion purchase of Canwest.

"We are very disappointed that the CRTC ignored our requests for positive, long-term change to permit all Canadians to be informed, enlightened and entertained by their broadcasting system," said Laurie Beachell, National Coordinator of the Council of Canadians with Disabilities.

"We have to wonder whether the CRTC really considered our recommendations. It's extremely disappointing that the CRTC's laissez-faire approach will take decades to ensure that all television programming is fully accessible to all Canadians," added Chris Kenopic, President and CEO of The Canadian Hearing Society.

Reprinted from Broadcaster Magazine, October 25, 2010.

New Resources

Editor's Note: Compiled by John Rae, AEBC 1st Vice President

- A growing number of Canadians are realizing that success in combating poverty depends on action being rooted in a strong human rights framework. To watch a 9-minute video entitled The Story of Human Rights, go to:

- Critical Disability Discourse (CDD) is an online, bilingual, interdisciplinary journal that publishes articles focusing on disability experiences. Access the journal at:

- "The Consumer Vision" is a publication covering topics of interest to people with disabilities. To read past issues, visit For information, contact Bob Branco at or 508-994-4972.

- The American Foundation for the Blind is offering a reduced rate for its individual subscriptions to the Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness (JVIB). For $65 (U.S.) individual subscribers receive 12 print issues of the journal and online access to more than 10 years of content. A one-year online individual subscription costs $25 (non-U.S. subscribers will be charged an additional $36 for shipping&handling). Contact AFB Press at 800-232-3044, email or visit:

- ABISee offers the Eye-Pal SOLO, a self-contained device that instantly reads from newspapers, books, magazines etc. Simply place a document face up on the device, and it reads the printed material aloud. It can also output magnified text to a screen. Requires no computer skills or sighted assistance. Learn more at:

- HumanWare recently released its Orator software for BlackBerry Smartphones. This screen reader application enables blind users to access and operate BlackBerry Smartphones. For further information, visit:

- The Audio Dart Master is a fully speaking electronic dartboard featuring talking menus and game instructions, announcements of every hit, inside and outside indicators, large buttons and more. Dart games offered include various countdowns, high score, golf, baseball and cricket. Also available are a portable stand, roll-out carpet and tactile toe line. Visit or call (763) 383-0077.

- "Stitch by Stitch: Sewing with Low Vision" is a 185-page book providing detailed descriptions and large images of adaptive techniques and tools for such crafts as sewing, knitting and embroidery. Also included is a chapter on locating low vision aids. Available in large print only, for $25 (U.S.). Contact Horizons for the Blind at (815) 444-8800, or email:

New Resources

Canada's Common Drug Review has recommended provincial/territorial coverage of Lucentis, the only clinically proven treatment for wet age-related macular degeneration. Visit for more details.

For eligibility in Ontario, visit

"Fighting for Sight in the Developing World" outlines methods to prevent/treat avoidable blindness in developing countries, where most of the world's blind and partially sighted people live. The article also reports on ways to make these persons' lives easier. To read these international vision health initiatives, visit

"Bridging the Gap: Living with Blindness and Diabetes" focuses on non-visual methods of managing diabetes, and contains articles from Voice of the Diabetic ( and a resource section. It's free of charge. Contact National Federation of the Blind's Independence Market at (410) 659-9314, ext. 2216, or email

The Take-n-Slide contains adhesive strips with slide indicators to be placed on medication bottles. Slide indicators, with braille labels, move from left to right to indicate doses. Contact I-C Innovations Inc. at 678-494-2992 or visit

The MedCenter System contains 31 boxes with four pill compartments each. After you put a month's supply of pills in the boxes and open each day's box, the talking reminder/timer with four alarms and talking clock either beeps or says, "Please take your pills." Contact Independent Living Aids at 800-537-2118 or visit

The Intelligent First Aid "talking" kit combines supplies, visual instruction cards and an audio module for verbal guidance to manage the most common injuries. Phone DLH INC. at 888-388-4854, email, or visit

National Braille Press offers a variety of health-related books including: Simple Ways to Control Your Weight; For Men Facing Prostate Cancer; For Women Facing Breast Cancer; Menopause Guidebook; The Period Book; What's Going On Down There?; The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex; and Safe Without Sight. Contact NBP toll-free at 800-548-7323 or visit

The Hadley School for the Blind offers tuition-free, distance education courses in alternative formats. Health-related courses include: The Human Eye; Glaucoma; Macular Degeneration; Diabetes: Toward Self-Management; Self-Esteem and adjusting with Blindness; Self-Help Groups; Safety in the Home; and Personal Safety: Self-Defense Strategies. For more information or to enroll, contact Student Services at 800-526-9909 or

Blind, Friends, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People (BFLAG) encourages the betterment of the lives of those who are vision-impaired and who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, through providing a forum to express views/concerns, providing information on relevant publications, and advocating for services. For more information, visit

"A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities" confronts the social stigma of disability and addresses the fact that inadequate care is a greater barrier to health than the disabilities themselves. Available in print for $20 (U.S.) or as a free download. Contact Hesperian Publishing for Community Health and Empowerment at (510) 845-1447 ext. 214, or visit

New Resources

The "Disability Rights and Policies" CD, produced by Handicap International, contains key resources and reference documents regarding the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. For a free French or English download, visit: {}

AccessAbility has produced "Employing the Disabled", a manual designed to dispel myths about employing persons with disabilities. For a free download, visit: { f}

CNIB and the American Foundation for the Blind have joined forces to create Mentor Match ({}), pairing job seekers with blind and partially sighted mentors working in the seekers' field of interest. CNIB's SCORE summer camp for teens ({}), in addition, offers opportunities for career development and the learning of job-related skills. {} and {} attempt to match persons with disabilities with open-minded employers in Ontario and British Columbia respectively. Finally, the Canadian Association of Professionals with Disabilities ({}) seeks to promote the inclusion, job retention and advancement of disabled professionals.

The Registered Disability Savings Plan is a new plan initiated by the Federal Government of Canada, commencing in the 2008 tax year, to assist people with disabilities to have a greater chance for long-term financial security. Government contributes to the plan through Canada Disability Savings Grants and the Canada Disability Savings Bonds. For more information, call Canada Revenue Agency at: Tel.: 1-800-959-8281; TTY: 1-800-665-0354; or visit the Service Canada website at: {}

Information and strategies for financially planning for disabled children is available free of charge at The Special Needs Planning Group's website: {} In addition, "Removing the Mystery: An Estate Planning Guide for Families of People With Disabilities" is available in print and on CD-ROM from the Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy at: {}

"Teaching Students with Sensory Impairments: Strategies for Mainstream Teachers" contains techniques and resources for teachers, students, parents and other professionals. To read it, go to: {}

"A Project to Improve the Learning Outcomes of Students with Disabilities in the Early, Middle and Post-Compulsory Years of Schooling", is a research report focusing on the activities, interactions, materials and teacher knowledge/skills that promote classroom inclusion. The report, as well as a 40-page resource called "Students with Disabilities in Mainstream Classrooms", is available online at: {}

The Hadley School for the Blind, which offers tuition-free distance education in accessible formats, offers the following new or revamped courses: Finding Employment; Business Fundamentals; and Experience Braille Reading, providing guidelines in reading financial statements, restaurant menus and more. Call Student Services at 1-800-526-9909 or visit: {}

In honour of the 200th anniversary, on January 4, 2009, of Louis Braille's birth, National Braille Press offers the following products: a Louis Braille wall poster, free; note cards, $7.99 per box; bookmarks, $8 per package; a key chain, $5; a lapel pin, $5; and a tactile plaque, $45. To order any of these products, call 1-800-548-7323 or visit:}

To commemorate the Louis Braille bicentenary, many organizations around the world are holding celebrations. NBP has launched a website providing information and links to participating groups and their activities. Visit {} for more details.

The American Foundation for the Blind's Talking Book Archives includes an electronic finding aid and a multi-media exhibit, including audio clips from celebrated narrators, letters, press clippings and photographs from the collection. Visit: {}

Podcasts of classic novels are available free of charge on the Open Culture website from Stanford University. Authors include Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats, Dickens, Orwell, Austen and Aesop. Visit: {}

Google Book Search provides full versions of plain text out-of-copyright books instead of PDFs. When you search for a title at {}, out-of-copyright material will have a "full view" option to click. The plain text version is available by following the "view plain text" link. Those still under copyright have a "limited preview" option and only provide restricted access to content.

Key-XL is the largest online database of keyboard shortcuts for hundreds of applications covering all major operating systems including Windows, Macintosh and Linux. You can search by software title or by application type, such as web browsers, email programs and photo/imaging. Visit: {}

The New York City Bar Association provides an online paper dealing with why websites should be accessible to people with disabilities. There is a link to the page that contains both the PDF original and MP3 files related to the paper, as well as two converted versions in HTML and RTF. Go to: {}

The WGBH National Center for Accessible Media offers "Accessible Digital Media: Design Guidelines for Electronic Publications, Multimedia and the Web", providing step-by-step accessibility solutions for users with sensory impairments, are available free of charge at {} or for the CD version, email or call 617-300-5400.

The Inclusive Design Toolkit helps product developers consider the needs of people with all capabilities, by providing a comprehensive guide to the principles and commercial benefits of inclusive design. Visit: {}

New Resources

The Enable Newsletter is a free service of the Secretariat for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, a Division for Social Policy and Development, Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) at the United Nations Secretariat in New York. It keeps readers informed on the work of the UN on disability issues. Please go to:

Disability Radio Worldwide is a 30-minute weekly program broadcast by FM stations, radio reading services, over the internet in the RealAudio format, and on short-wave radio. The host, Jean Parker, is a well-known disability rights activist, whose program guests represent the disability community leadership around the globe, and who discuss the full spectrum of issues related to advancing the human rights of people with disabilities. For the Disability Radio Worldwide website, or for current broadcast times and frequencies, visit:

The biography of Sir John Wilson, the force behind the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind (now Sight Savers International), and supporter of the merger between organizations of and for the blind to form the World Blind Union, is available from in print, large print, Daisy audio and full text, screen reader (magnification, speech or braille), and braille. A CD-Rom accompanies each print copy. A review of Blindness and the Visionary: The Life and Work of John Wilson is available at:

Cambridge Leadership Associates offers "Leadership on the Line: Staying Alive Through the Dangers of Leading," a top-selling business book, in braille. This is a personal survival guide. Leading is dangerous because you risk making yourself vulnerable, whether you are supporting unpopular initiatives, promoting new ideas, questioning the gap between colleagues' values and behaviour, or asking family and friends to face up to unpleasant realities. The 224-page book costs $29.95 (U.S.) and is available at:

Perkins School for the Blind has recently published "Welcoming Students with Visual Impairment to Your School: A Guide for Training Public School Personnel and Families About the Needs of Students with Vision Loss", multi-media modules designed to provide vision professionals with a user-friendly resource. Modules include An Overview of Visual Impairment, Social Skills for Children and Youth, Orientation and Mobility, and Low Vision. Visit for more information.

AFB Press has released A Parent's Guide to Special Education for Children with Visual Impairments. This guide addresses the effect of blindness on a child's ability to learn and the services and educational programming that are essential for optimal learning. Available in ASCII text, online or paperback for $34.95 (U.S.) per copy. For more information, contact AFB Press, 11 Penn Plaza, Suite 300, New York, NY 10001; Phone: 800-232-3044; Email:; Website: National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute's National Center for Blind Youth in Science Web Portal is a clearinghouse of information and resources related to blind youth and their participation in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), that provides easy, centralized access for teachers, students, parents and others to gain the knowledge necessary to make STEM fields accessible to blind youth. A career section includes biographies and interviews of blind scientists and engineers, such as Abraham Nemeth, and provides information about career opportunities and science programs available to blind students. Visit:

I Get Around: Reclaiming Independence--Staying in the Driver's Seat When You No Longer Drive is a video resource guide to help you learn how to successfully use rehabilitation and transportation resources. Covers air travel, taxis, Para transit, public transportation, and rides with friends and family. Available on DVD and VHS. Contact: American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.: Tel.: 800.223.1839; Email: and Website: www.aph.orgThe Hadley School for the Blind has several new or updated tuition-free distance education courses in alternative formats, including Guide Dogs, Tactile Readiness for Braille, Essentials of Nemeth, Access Technology: Beginnings, Typing and Keyboarding, Finding Employment, Business Fundamentals, Chess: Principles and Strategies, Container Gardening, and Art of Ancient Egypt. For a course catalogue, call 1-800-323-4238, or for further information contact Student Services at 1-800-526-9909, email or visit: www.hadley.eduNBP offers several new publications including: Label It! Braille & Audio Strategies for Identifying Items at Home & Work, $10; Our Special: Household Hints, $10.95; A Pocketful of Sound, $14; Touch and Learn Tactile Activity Book, including print or braille Activity Guide for Parents and Teachers, $26; and 51 Things We Can Do (tips for being environmentally friendly), free! All prices in U.S. dollars. Contact: National Braille Press, 88 St. Stephen Street, Boston, MA 02115-4302 USA; Phone: 1-800-548-7323; Website:

The Talking Books Librarian blog at is about audio books and other free resources for blind or partially sighted people. It also includes information and resources for the elderly, persons with non-vision impairments, educators and other professionals working in the disability field.

A new online group for the blind and partially sighted discusses reading experiences, good and bad, and points out new resources for materials that are accessible. To sign up, send an email to: enjoyreading-subscribe@yahoogroups.comThe site aims to facilitate development of social, personal and romantic lives. Free of charge, it offers forums, private chats, a dating service, blogs, etc.

Mind's Eye Travel creates tours for the blind and partially sighted. Itineraries are customized for comfort, camaraderie, enjoyment and full sensory discovery. Destinations are carefully screened in advance with handpicked activities, restaurants and lodging. For more information, visit:

Statistics Canada is in the process of releasing a variety of reports on the 2006 Participation and Activity Limitation Survey (PALS). To obtain these and other documents in alternative formats, contact Krista Kowalchuk, Analyst, Statscan, at 613-951-0784, or by email: krista.kowalchuk@statcan.caCNIB's new centralized order and delivery system allows customers to browse and order consumer products from home via phone, email or through its secure online store. Customers can still visit their local CNIB centre for product assessments, training and demonstrations. The new Products for Independence catalogue is available in multiple formats and online: Phone: 1-866-659-1843; Email: and Website: www.webstore.cnib.caThank you to the following Patron Supporters of Our CBM


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Tel: 250-652-5952 Fax: 250-652-5953

George Rogers M.L.A.

54-5203 50 Street Leduc AB T9E 6Z5

leduc.beaumontdevon@assembly.ab.caTel: 780-986-4652 Fax: 780-986-5228

Gimbel Eye Centre

450-4935 40 Avenue NW

Calgary AB T3A 2N1

Tel: 403-286-3022 Fax: 403-286-2943

Tel: 800-661-1138 Edmonton: 888-211-4822

Good Fish Lake Health Centre

PO Box 272

Good Fish Lake AB T0A 1R0

Tel: 780-636-3638 dsteinhauer@onehealth.caGordon Campbell MLA Vancouver Point Grey

3615 4 Avenue W

Vancouver BC V6R 1P2

Tel: 604-660-3202 Fax: 604-660-5488

Green Gate Garden Centres Limited

14111 MacLeod Trail SW

Calgary AB T2Y 1M6

Tel: 403-256-1212 Fax: 403-256-4420

Health & Social Development

PO Box 100

D'arcy BC V0N 1L0

Tel: 604-452-3290 Fax: 604-452-3280

Holden Hair & Laundry Mat

4920 50 Street

Holden AB T0B 2C0

Tel: 780-688-3526

Hygaard Fine Foods

208 Sioux Road

Sherwood Park AB T8A 3X5 hygaard@hygaard.comTel: 780-467-4050 Fax: 780-467-1199

ICOM Enterprises Inc.

Industrial and Commercial Electronic Security

5524 190A Street NW Edmonton, AB T6M 2L3

Tel: 780-489-2105 Fax: 780-489-2105

Ivan Cycle & Motor Repair

Bay 7-7459 49 Avenue

Red Deer AB T4P 1N2

Tel: 403-314-9733

Dr. Morley F. Johnson

401-3 Avenue NE

Slave Lake AB T0G 2A2

Tel: 780-849-4410 Fax: 780-849-6134

K'asho Got'ine Chartered Community Council

PO Box 80

Fort Good Hope NT X0E 0H0

Tel: 867-598-2231 Fax: 867-598-2024

Kal Tire

4635 Federated Road

Swan Hills AB T0G 2C0

Tel: 780-333-4563 Fax: 780-333-4118

Kapown Centre

PO Box 40

Grouard AB T0G 1C0

Tel: 780-751-3921 Fax: 780-751-3831

Kenderdine Medical Clinic

2-50 Kenderdine Road

Saskatoon SK S7N 3A1 kmclinic@sasktel.netTel: 306-934-6612 Fax: 306-242-4171

Kevin Falcon M.L.A. Surrey Cloverdale

108-17700 Highway 10

Surrey BC V3S 1C7 kevin.falcon.mla@leg.bc.caTel: 604-576-3792 Fax: 604-876-3797

Kyle Transport Incorporated

835-3545 32 Avenue NE

Calgary AB T1Y 6M6

Tel: 403-285-9590 Fax: 403-590-9683

LA School of Hair Design

311 8 Street S

Lethbridge AB T1J 2J5

Tel: 403-320-2228 Fax: 403-327-0730

Laurie Hawn MP Edmonton Centre

11156 142 Street

Edmonton AB T5M 4G5

Tel: 780-442-1888 Fax: 780-442-1891

Layton Brothers Construction

6015 50 Avenue

Bonnyville AB T9N 2L3

Tel: 780-826-6969

Lehder Environmental Services

Air Quality Testing Solutions

Point Edward ON N7V 1X4

Tel: 519-336-4101 Edmonton AB: 780-462-4099

Lily Lake Village Resort

57413 Lily Lake Road

Legal AB T0G 1L0

Tel: 780-921-3441 Fax: 780-921-3454

Linda Reid M.L.A. Richmond East

130-8040 Garden City Road

Richmond BC V6Y 2N9 linda.reid.mla@leg.bc.caTel: 604-775-0891 Fax: 604-775-0999

Little Red River Cree Nation

PO Box 150

John D'Or Prairie AB T0H 3X0

Tel: 780-759-3912 Fax: 780-759-3780

Loving Memories Funeral Services

38121 2nd Avenue PO Box 2450

Squamish BC V8B 0B6

Tel: 604-892-3683

Marks Work Warehouse

30-1035 64 Avenue SE

Calgary AB T2H 2J7

Tel: 403-692-7236 Fax: 403-255-6005

Master Carpenter (Derek)

4686 203 Street

Langley BC V3A 5J7

Tel: 604-720-5955

Mayfield Toyota

10220 170 Street

Edmonton AB T5S 1N9

Tel: 780-420-1111 Fax: 780-486-9014

Midwest Surveys

2-5204 63 Street

Lloydminster AB T9V 2E6

Tel: 780-875-4244 Fax: 780-875-8962

Mike Farnworth M.L.A. PoCo Burke Mountain

107A-2748 Lougheed Hwy

Port Coquitlam BC V3B 6P2

Tel: 604-927-2088 Fax: 604-927-2090

Moore's Industrial Service Limited

3333 23 Street NE

Calgary AB T2E 6V8 bcheyne@mooresind.comTel: 403-291-0886 Fax: 403-291-3330

Moulure Alexandria Moulding

95 Lochiel Street E

Alexandria ON K0C 1A0

Tel: 613-525-2784 Fax: 613-525-3783

Mountain Wellness Day Spa At Sawridge Inn

PO Box 82

Jasper Alberta T0E 1E0

Tel: 780-852-3252

Dr. Brendan Mulroy

1800 8th Street E

Owen Sound ON N4K 6M9 bmulroy@GBHS.on.caTel: 519-376-2121 Fax: 519-376-9970

New West Electric Limited

8-2280 39 Avenue NE

Calgary AB T2E 6P7

Tel: 403-286-5317 Fax: 403-288-2718

Niwihcihaw Acceptance Limited

PO Box 838 geraldine@niwihcihaw.comHobbema AB T0C 1N0

Tel: 780-585-2970 Fax: 780-585-2257

Northland School Division 61

Bag 1400 9808 77 Avenue

Peace River AB T8S 1V2

Tel: 780-624-2060 Fax: 780-624-5914

Olga Ilich M.L.A. Richmond Centre

Richmond BC V6Y 1P3

Tel: 604-775-0754 Fax: 604-775-0898 olgailich.mla@leg.bc.caOn Side Restoration Services Ltd.

3157 Grandview Highway

Burnaby BC V5M 2M9

Tel: 604-310-2407

Paddlewheeler River Tours

139-810 Quayside Drive

New Westminster BC Fax: 604-525-5944

Tel: 604-525-4465

Pawz 2 Be Comfy 604-454-8371 come to your home to treat your

furry friend~

Penny Priddy M.P. Surrey North

102-14045 104th Avenue

Surrey BC V3T 1X4 priddp@parl.gc.caTel: 604-586-2441 Fax: 604-586-2445

Peter Carlton & Associates

105-1250 Dominion St

Port Coquitlam BC V3B 8G7

Tel: 604-472-0811 Fax: 604-940-9360

Pharmasave Drug Store

8697 10th Avenue

Burnaby BC V3N 2S9

Tel: 604-522-8050 Fax: 604-522-4767

Princess Auto Group

15D King Edward Street

Coquitlam BC V3K 4S8

Tel: 604-777-0735 Fax: 604-777-0884

Printing Impressions & Graphics Incorporated

4960 92 Avenue info@pigi.caEdmonton AB T6B 2V4

Tel: 780-463-8231 Fax: 780-462-9726

Q.A. Structures Incorporated

PO Box 1146

Blackfalds AB T0M 0J0

Tel: 403-885-5411 Fax: 403-885-5448

R&D Business Systems Limited

202-5010 Smith Avenue www.r&

Burnaby BC V5G 2W5 sales@r&dbusiness.comTel: 604-439-1115 Fax: 604-439-1905

Rahim Jaffer MP Edmonton Strathcona

7516 Gateway Boulevard

Edmonton AB jaffer1@parl.gc.caTel: 780-495-8404 Fax: 780-495-8403

Jack McCulloch Realty Executives Apex

105-1212 31 Avenue NE

Calgary AB T2E 7S8 Housing for the Disabled

Tel: 403-5423-7653 Fax: 403-291-4164

Red Arrow Motor Coach

20-10014 104 Street

Edmonton AB T5J 0Z1

Tel: 1-800-232-1958

Revelstoke Golf Club

PO Box 186

Revelstoke BC V0E 2S0

Tel: 250-837-4276

Serenity Homeopathic Clinic

For all your health problems consider homeopathy

Tel: 604-307-5967

Serenity Redesign

Tel: 780-417-9521

Taking Your Home to the Top of the List

Sobey's ~Ready to Serve~

9420 93 Avenue Fort St John BC V1J 6T4

Tel: 250-785-5376 Fax: 250-785-5378

Open: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM 7 days a week

Sobey's Village Mall

200-6380 50 Avenue

Red Deer AB T4N 4C6

Tel: 403-347-4600 Fax: 403-347-4588

Spears Sales & Service Limited

3586 Commercial Street

Vancouver BC V5N 4E9

Tel: 604-872-7104 Fax: 604-513-2445

Dr. John Spiers

101-50 William Street

Milverton ON N0K 1M0

Tel: 519-595-8548

Stanford Hotels & Resorts

11401 100 Avenue

Grande Prairie AB T8V 5M6 800-661-8160

Tel: 780-539-5678 Fax: 780-538-3913

Stanley Mission Band Office

PO Box 220 Toll Free: 888-391-1181

Stanley Mission SK S0J 2P0

Tel: 306-635-2115 Fax: 306-635-2265

Sukh Dhaliwal M.P. Newton N Delta

113-8532 120th Street

Surrey BC V3W 3N5 dhaliwal@sukhdaliwal.caTel: 604-598-2200 Fax: 604-598-2212

Super 8 Motel Yellowknife

308 Old Airport Rd

Yellowknife NT X1A 3G3

Tel: 867-669-8888 Fax: 867-669-8801

Super 8 Three Hills

208 18 Avenue N

Three Hills AB T0M 2A0

Tel: 403-443-8888 Fax: 403-443-8889

United Association of Journeymen and

Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting

Industry of the United States and Canada

Local Union 488-Edmonton

Szechuan Castle Restaurant

15415 111 Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T5M 2R5

Tel: 780-484-6060

The Sutton Place Hotel

10235 101 Street NW

Edmonton AB T5J 3E9

Tel: 780-428-7111 Fax: 780-441-3099

Tony Roma's Restaurant

102-10745 117 Avenue

Grande Prairie AB T8V 7N6

Tel: 780-538-4546 Fax: 780-538-9893

Touchwood Child and Family Services

PO Box 466

Punnichy SK S0A 3C0

Tel: 306-835-2152 Fax: 306-835-2216

Twin Willows Golf Club

14110 156 Street NW

Edmonton AB T6V 1J2

Tel: 780-447-2934 Fax: 780-47-2922

Universal Surveys Incorporated

15111 123 Avenue

Edmonton AB T5V 1J7

Tel: 780-454-3030 Fax: 780-453-6644

Valley First

184 Main Street 3rd Floor

Penticton BC V2A 8G7

Tel: 250-490-2720 Fax: 250-490-2721

Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital

105 E Broadway

Vancouver BC V5T 1W1

Tel: 604-738-4664

Vancouver Canadians Professional Ball Club

Nat Bailey Stadium, 4601 Ontario Street

Vancouver BC V5V 3H4

Tel: 604-872-5232 Fax: 604-872-1714

Vancouver Giants

Village of Wabamun

PO Box 240

Wabamun AB T0E 2K0

Tel: 780-892-2699 Fax: 780-892-2669

Vinton Centre Carpets Ltd.

12903 54 Street NW czaminer@vintoncarpets.comEdmonton AB T5A 5E5

Tel: 780-476-0661 Fax: 780-473-2575

Waste Services Incorporated

34321 Industrial Way

Abbotsford BC V2S 7M6

Tel: 604-857-1990 Fax: 604-855-0565

Waterton Lakes Golf Course

PO Box 65 wlgcbear@jrtwave.comWaterton Lakes AB T0K 2M0

Tel: 403-859-2114 Fax: 403-859-2223

Watkins Products

Serving S Okanagan Similkameen

Toll Free 1-866-499-0131

Westcap Incorporated

206-27115 Fraser Highway

Aldergrove BC V3W 3R2

Tel: 604-626-4355 Fax: 604-533-2818

Western Institute for the Blind

2125 7th Avenue W

Vancouver BC V6K 1X9

Tel: 604-736-7391 Fax: 604-736-4381

Westminster Quay Public Market

810 Quayside Dr westminsterquay@telus.netNew Westminster BC V3M 6B9

Tel: 604520-3881 Fax: 604-520-6130

Wildrose Wholistic Clinic Incorporated

400-1228 Kensington Road NW

Calgary AB T2N 3P7

Tel: 403-270-0891 Fax: 403-283-0799

Wolf Projects

121B Elma Street

Okotoks AB T1S 1J8

Tel: 403-995-9653 Fax: 403-995-9550

Ziebart South

6528 104 Street

Edmonton AB T6H 2L2

Tel: 780-448-1111 Fax: 780-448-1515

New Resources

"To the Left of Inspiration: Adventures in Living with Disabilities", written by Katherine Schneider, a blind psychologist, highlights the warmth and humour in our struggles to be humane with each other, whether we are temporarily able-bodied or disabled. Available through online booksellers. In accessible format at: (opens in a new window)

Through the Looking Glass and its National Resource Center for Parents with Disabilities have released "Hands-On Parenting: A Resource Guide for Parents who are Blind or Partially Sighted", available in regular print, Large Print or CD-ROM for $40 (U.S.). Call 1-800-644-2666 or visit: (opens in a new window)

The American Foundation for the Blind has launched a new, multimedia website that offers instructional videos, tips and testimonials to help the growing population with low vision maintain independence. "Given how much fear people have concerning the impact of vision loss, AFB hopes our new website will enlighten Americans about ways they or a loved one can adapt successfully to low vision or vision loss and maintain a full, rewarding and independent life," said AFB President Carl R. Augusto. Visit AFB Senior Site at: (opens in a new window)

The Hadley School for the Blind offers tuition-free distance education courses in alternative formats for persons who are blind, their families, and blindness professionals. Course titles include "Self-Esteem and Adjusting with Blindness," "Macular Degeneration," "Glaucoma," "Diabetes: Towards Self-Management," and "Parenting Children with Multiple Disabilities." Course series include "Self-Help Groups" and "Social Skills." Contact Student Services: phone: 1-800-526-9909;

email:; (opens in a new window)

Seminars at Hadley is a new, interactive, live internet lecture series. To access recordings of past lectures, such as on braille, cooking, shopping online and accessing recreation, visit (opens in a new window) and select "Events" and then "Seminars at Hadley". To receive notification of upcoming lectures, sign up for electronic news releases by selecting "Lounge" from the home page and then "Mailing List".

Hadley also offers online forums related to braille, adaptive technology and general interest. There is also a forum for family members and one for blindness professionals. In addition, a feedback forum is available. Visit (opens in a new window) and select "forums".

Blind-singles is a new online group for blind singles over 18. The aim of the group is to let singles meet other singles with the same disability so they can interact, exchange ideas and form solid friendships. To subscribe, send a blank message to: blind-singles-

National Braille Press offers two inspirational braille books: The Power of Acknowledgment, $19.95, and The Adversity Advantage: Turning Everyday Struggles Into Everyday Greatness, $25.95; and print/braille quotable refrigerator magnets, $4.95 each: Eleanor Roosevelt: "Do one thing every day that scares you"; Ralph Waldo Emerson: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us"; Helen Keller: "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."

NBP has also released Blog On: Reading and Writing Blogs with a Screen Reader (braille and PortaBook, $10), covering such topics as finding, reading and staying current with blogs, and creating your own blog. Or reserve a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and guarantee shipment in braille on July 21, $18.89! To order (all prices are in U.S. dollars), send payment to: NBP, 88 St. Stephen Street, Boston, MA 02115-4302; phone: (800) 548-7323; website: (opens in a new window)


New Resources

Hello Yellow is a Canadian telephone directory service providing listings from the Yellow Pages that is currently available for Alberta and southern Ontario cities. Call 310-yelo or 310-9356.

The Jewish Guild for the Blind has published a new $4.00 (USD) booklet called The Sighted Guide Technique: How to Safely and Effectively Offer Help to a Blind or Visually Impaired Person. To order, call (800) 539-4845.

Enrichment Audio Resource Services offers free cassettes for people who are losing vision on topics such as eating without embarrassment, indoor mobility, managing medicine and grooming. To order, call (800) 843-6816.

The Hadley School for the Blind has several new/updated distance-education courses available tuition-free, including Blindness Basics, Diabetes: Toward Self-Management, Safety in the Home, Introduction to Braille, Basic Nemeth Code, Using Excel and Internet Basics. For details, call 1-800-526-9909 or visit: (opens in a new window)

VIP Games Zone offers three online educational games for blind children free of charge, including Typer, ABC and Numbers Stuff. All have built-in speech capabilities and the on-screen display enables sighted people to help children learn the games. Visit: (opens in a new window)

MathTrax is a free computer application from NASA that helps blind students to understand math. Its text descriptions and "audio graph" allow students to "see" and "hear" mathematical equations. To download or learn more, visit: (opens in a new window)

If you are a disabled parent or a parent of a child with disabilities, you can ask advice or share helpful tips in a new forum: (opens in a new window)

Dialogue: A World of Ideas for Visually Impaired People of All Ages is now published bi-monthly in large print, braille, 4-track cassette and email formats. Effective January 1, 2007, the annual subscription rate for all subscribers will increase to $42 (USD). Contact Blindskills Inc. at 1-800-860-4224, via email at or visit: (opens in a new window)

Woodworking for the Blind Inc. provides monthly CD recordings (MP3 file format) of articles and features from woodworking publications, as well as of full-length books from time to time. Contact:

The Blind Handyman List is for blind people who want to share ideas about projects around the home or yard. To join, send a blank message to: blindhandyman-

The Blind Phones List is a discussion list concerning the accessibility of cell phone features and applications, but not geared to any particular product. To subscribe, send a blank email to:

For information about accessibility issues regarding portable media players, such as Apple's iPod, consult a new online resource, Portable Media Player Portal: (opens in a new window)

Anna Dresner has created a blog where she'll update information relevant to her books: " and Beyond", "Finding eBooks on the Internet", and "The iPod Experience". Visit: (opens in a new window)

A free screen reader called Thunder is available from a new non-profit community-interest company from Choice Technology. A computer running Windows 2000, XP or Vista, as well as speakers or headphones, is needed. Visit: (opens in a new window)

Accessible Search, from Google Research Labs, prioritizes search results according to web-page accessibility. In addition to standard search criteria, it ranks pages according to how much graphic content they contain and how easy they are to navigate using keystrokes only. Visit: (opens in a new window)

Jim Byrne, a pioneer in the field of accessible web design, has published a new book for web developers called 60 Hot to Touch Accessible Web Design Tips. To purchase, visit: (opens in a new window)

New Resources

United Nations Convention Website: As we move from a draft text to a new International Human Rights Treaty that must be signed and ratified by enough countries to enter into force, Disabled Peoples' International has created a new website to provide persons with disabilities with the information they need in order to take part. For individuals interested in the future of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities, please visit: (opens in a new window)

The Council of Canadians with Disabilities and the Canadian Association for Community Living Seek Your Story: Over the next 7 months there will be various activities posted on (opens in a new window) in an effort to showcase the lives and accomplishments of Canadians with disabilities, build broad-based public and political momentum and ultimately mobilize and expand collaboration within the disability community. This work will culminate with a November 2 event on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. You can send along your submission, preferably not to exceed 750 words, to:

CAB Report: Published September 16, 2005, the Canadian Association of Broadcasters' final report, The Presence, Portrayal and Participation of Persons with Disabilities in Television Programming, makes recommendations based on research on how the industry can help to remove the barriers challenging people with disabilities, in society and in television programming. Visit: (opens in a new window)

Unmet Needs: "An Unequal Playing Field: Report on the Needs of People Who are Blind or Visually Impaired Living in Canada", a study conducted by the CNIB, outlines the unmet needs of Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. To read the report, visit: (opens in a new window)

Book for Parents and Teachers: Making It Work by Carol Castellano is a complete how-to guide for the successful inclusion of a blind or vision-impaired student in the regular classroom. 227 pages; $25 (U.S.) plus shipping and handling. The book is available from Information Age Publishing: (203) 661-7602, (opens in a new window); National Center for the Blind: (410) 659-9314, opt. 4, (opens in a new window); Parents of Blind Children NJ: (973) 377-0976, (opens in a new window).

Blindness in the Workplace: For information on what an employer needs to know to provide an inclusive workplace for staff with vision impairments, visit: (opens in a new window)

Professionals with Disabilities: A grassroots organization dedicated to addressing the needs of professionals with disabilities is spreading out across Canada from Victoria. For more information, visit: (opens in a new window)

Assistive Technology Guide: The AccessWorld Guide to Assistive Technology Products, published by the American Foundation for the Blind Press, profiles over 200 products. Available in print and on ASCII disk, the guide is $24.95 (U.S.). For further information, visit: (opens in a new window)

Accessible Voting: For recommendations to improve the usability and accessibility of voting products and systems, visit: (opens in a new window)

Government Service Directory: A new online directory for Federal Government services for people with disabilities can be accessed at: (opens in a new window)

Diabetes Statistics: On October 26, 2005, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released their latest diabetes statistics. The new numbers are found in a nine-page document titled: National Diabetes Fact Sheet "2005". This can be read online at (opens in a new window) or downloaded free of charge in PDF format. Contact: CDC, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention, Office of Communication; Phone: (770) 488-5131.

MS Publication: MSFocus, the magazine of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, is now available on CD for individuals with impaired vision and other disabilities caused by MS. To obtain an audio subscription, call 1-888-673-6287 or visit: (opens in a new window)

Braille Bookstore: Associated Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Philadelphia has opened an online braille bookstore. It currently includes more than 100 titles from the classics to present-day popular fiction. Most books cost $15 to $35 (U.S.). Visit: (opens in a new window)

New Resources

Human Rights Report: The Center for International Rehabilitation (CIR) presented to the United Nations August 24, 2004, the inaugural report of the International Disability Rights Monitor (IDRM), documenting the situation of people with disabilities in 24 countries of South and North America. For further details, visit:

Blindness Statistics: The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a report showing that the incidence of blindness and vision impairment worldwide has decreased. To read the Sydney Morning Herald's article detailing the report's findings, visit:

Women's Blindness: Two thirds of all people who are blind or partially sighted are women, according to the Women's Eye Health Task Force. Risk factors for vision loss and details about specific eye conditions are detailed at the Lion's Eye Health Program website:

Career Guide: An online resource from Mobility International USA/National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange, titled "Preparing for an International Career: Pathways for People with Disabilities", encourages young adults with international interests to explore careers in the international affairs, exchange and development fields. "Preparing for an International Career" is available in alternative formats on request. For further details, visit:

Blind Interpreters: An email discussion group for foreign language interpreters has been created by Liz Conejo Daniels, a Spanish-English interpreter who is blind. The listserv provides support and resources for interpreters. To join the discussion list, send an email message to: For more information, contact Daniels at:

New Languages: A leading text-to-speech software tool for consumers, educators, and business customers, TextAloud converts text into spoken audio for listening on a personal computer, and can also save to MP3/Windows Media files for easy playback on portables like the iPod, or use in the creation of Podcasts. This newest version of TextAloud offers Unicode support providing access to Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and other languages previously unavailable. For more information or to purchase the program, visit:

JAWS Headquarters: JAWS information found on the Freedom Scientific Website has been brought together and is now accessible from one convenient location:

Technology List: "Top Tech Tidbits on Thursday" (TTTT) is a free, concise weekly summary of what's new in adaptive technology, technology as it relates to the blind, and internet audio. To join TTTT, send a blank message to and then reply to the confirmatory message. Or visit:

Deaf-blind Forum: A discussion list on issues relating to accessible technology for deaf-blind people has been launched by Western Oregon University in the United States. To subscribe, email: DBTECHIES-subscribe-request@TR.WOU.EDU

Adult Literacy Program: The American Foundation for the Blind's (AFB) National Literacy Center has launched an online version of their long-standing program that integrates vision impairment and adult literacy issues for educators. Originally developed as a three-day group workshop, "Bridging the Gap" is now available to individuals, free of charge, at:

Puzzle List: An email list for those interested in swapping information about accessible word and logic puzzles has been launched. To subscribe, send a blank email to: For more information, contact Katherine Schneider at:

New Radio Internet Broadcaster: Operated by a blind business owner, Shellworld Radio provides music and original content serving the blind community. Broadband Stream: Modem Stream:

Travel Guides: Accessible electronic versions of printed travel guides are provided online by Traveleyes, a holiday company for both vision-impaired and sighted travellers. Users can download accessible Microsoft Word versions that do not include maps or diagrams. Guides are available for several countries. Visit:


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