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Marketplace investigation and CBC article on travel challenges

A CBC news article highlights a number of recent incidents across Canada regarding travel challenges for people with disabilities. AEBC member Peter Quaiattini is quoted on his experiences in the Calgary area.

"The sidewalks are not predictable, finding bus stops … is tricky, getting on the LRT is anxiety-provoking, losing my way and finding my way again takes a lot of mental effort," said Quaiattini, who uses a white cane.

Check out a Marketplace episode tonight, Access Denied, Friday, Nov. 10, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on CBC-TV and anytime on YouTube or CBC Gem. With hidden cameras rolling, CBC's Marketplace followed Michelle Weger and her service dog Quinn, as she attempted to hire Uber and Lyft rides in Toronto, as well as local taxis.


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